I can write when happy too you know

I can feel the words drip from my lips to the

finger tips of my enthusiasm

It comes in waves like all

other things and I hold on tight

to the me I see in lost future.

Her head held high through all she was

that I am now.

She knows the value of this lesson already

She waits for me to get it

she waits for me

to accept happy and I tell her…

I can be happy too you know

Let it in me, be me, around me, I can

write it in the sand from the thoughts that drip from my lips to the

finger tips of my enthusiasm.


Happy Can Be Hard.

What to write when the time is right

What to write when it is shinning

What to type when I am on and tight

What to say when it is okay

What to do when your fine with you

You’ve lost your anger token

I’ll ask you this and you may ask too

What about happy

 is so hard to use?