About Allesor

This is the ramblings on of life.

A place where I can leave a word or two to display in a visual way the life of today.

Whichever day today may be.

Short stories.

Long ramblings.

Some real.

Some not.

Some me and some you.

Take nothing personal yet feel free to relate to everything.

Email: dontellme.rp@gmail.com


All articles, posts, and material found here are under copyright and this website must be credited if the articles are re-blogged or shared.

One thought on “About Allesor

  1. No doubt, no pain, no heartbreak has ever stopped you, and I believe only death will end the creations of your own hand….but even in death you will live through the beautiful violet you’ve planted….never let the fear of end stop you, it’s not real…just a whisper in your mind….please keep pushing past its empty threats….I love knowing you will always be here….forever….fr your violet and my own briars that grow….you’re beautiful. I love you, all of you.

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