Smoother than me

ooo your so much cooler than me

older than dirt and schooled more than me

oh baby you sure do look hotter than me

can hold up that top a lot higher than me

mmmm honey you sure are taller than me

take in your doubt and hold on longer than me

oh dear you sure are smoother than me

only speak how the nights dark is brighter than me

but ooooo love you sure ain’t wiser than me

for all the dark hot grit

ain’tgonna get you shit

for you’ll still end up 6 feet in the dirt

lookin ugly as sin

won’t matter what you win

cuz you gonna die like alls worth






Who will listen

back and forth

the brain

take another

takes another


and I am again tired

who would you take me as

who do you love me as

I lust no one but a place

a hoping

a wonderment of am I good enough and will you please

fuck me I need the self worth.

what else is new to the brain drained by the neon taint

of sidewalks glazed in pink signs of wet pussy and tits that meet your eyelids

take me to the heaven that says I am the man inside I feel they are.

The Night Held Close

Tonight I write to you dark whisper

Tonight I take you in your chaos and hold onto the nightmare to tell you,

you are no different

No different than me

Than we

Yet your bright eyes tell me you are unique in reasoning and the touch of you I crave knowing tomorrows light would show all to be just as grave

For I am nothing without moonlight

I am nothing without the liquid of fermented earth

I am only the telling of the you I see

The touch craved

The night held close

The hearts grave spotted.