Whispered Flaws

I write to you in my sleep.

Diamond sky, stardust lining ALL skins.

The waters touch quenching ANY thirst here or after.

The desert crumbling beneath toes dipped in valley.

You are there.



Falling from risen.

True in being nothing.

Giving everything a meaningless meaning of seeing.

The dreams, like clouds, we dance upon their vapor.

Whispered flaws yelled from clasped claws…

Sleepily you write to me also…

3 thoughts on “Whispered Flaws

    • I am glad you like it…I wrote it for you actually. Feels like home as does our friendship. You help bring about words and vision woih and I thank you for this time again.

  1. I…hmmm…am speechless (er, wordless, that is)

    I felt immensely connected to it when reading…now I know why

    I am so truly grateful; humbled.. to have another think, and write, with me in mind .
    So as the door revolves around again, you’re so very welcome…and thank you

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