New Writer, Old Writer

What to write about to night?

I am sitting in my living room. Our ‘new to us’ Christmas tree is up lights and all.

I am new to writng. Well not new to writing but new to putting it out there to anyone. I actually have no idea what I am doing or if anyone will or would ever want to read what I have to say.

I typically stop myself from writing with self bludgeons of what a shitty speller I am or how I will most likely make no sense and a reader would leave scratching their head in confusion. Due to all my gramatical errors of course.

Yet I am delving in anyways. Why? Because I am a writer. . . Yes I said it. In black and white, typed on the page, er…screen.

I am a writer and I am tired of only closet writing in journals that pile up. Ceiling high, full of me, but with no one to read. Oh yeah, and I love to ryhme. That is the musician in me. Yes I am a musician as well so I am used to words in melodic ways but I need more length. The length that comes with writing looooonnnngggg sentences that can run on and on and on and on to get to the meat of anything I am wanting to say.

I look forward to this knew endevore in my life. I look forward to putting my chaos and balance out for any who would like to see. Perhaps relate to.

Next. . . Dancing. . . I love to dance and gravely need to! 

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